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Get more out of skiing and have fun together.

  • Fast track to becoming a better skier
  • Popular with families with children
  • Fun and playful
In Branäs ski school, we have the joy of skiing as a basis in our teaching. Based on that, we adapt the lessons to our guests' age and previous experience of skiing. The most important thing for us is that you leave the ski school with the joy of skiing. For participants over the age of 12, a minimum of 2 people is required for the group ski school to get rid of.

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Gathering places

Branäs By
Level 1 & 2
At Björnbuseland village.

Branäs Berget
Level 1 & 2
At Björnbuseland Berg
Level 3 & 4
The beginning of Storbacken at the gondola's windbreak.

Branäs By
Private lessons
At Amundsbacken if you book in the village and at Björnbacken if you book on the mountain.

Branäs Berget
Private lessons
At Björnbacken.

Map of gathering places

Which level should I choose?

We have different levels at the ski school that suit everyone, from the youngest at 3 years who have never ridden to advanced who have ridden all their lives but who want to try the carving technique. We have ski schools in groups and privately and all are adapted to your conditions.

How do I prepare my child for ski school

It is good if the child has eaten and gone to the toilet before the ski school starts. It is good if you talk about the ski school and show our films so that the children are well prepared. Be out in good time so the children are calm until the ski school starts, it always takes longer than you think to get out on the slopes 🙂