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Lace up your boots, pack your lunch bag and take the family on a hike. In Branäs you will find several shorter hiking trails that offer a pleasant experience in the Värmland nature, for a longer hike you will find the Nordvärmlandsleden starting from the top.

Hiking trails in Branäs

  • Nordvärmlandsleden - Nordvärmlandsleden is a 54km long hiking trail that takes you through northern Värmland's magnificent nature. Start in the best way at the top of Branäsberget and soak up the view of the Klarälven river before you start the hike. Along the trail there are windbreaks, overnight cabins and an STF hostel. Read more at
  • Top trail - Easiest way to the top. The trail starts at Soltorget right by Älgen, and takes you through the large cabins at Älgkronan and further up through Björnbacken to end at Sjöexpressen's top station.
  • Aspenleden - 1km long and starts at Soltorget and then goes along the cycle path Startsträckan away to the lift Sjöexpressen. Take the opportunity to take the lift up to Toppstugan and enjoy the view, but do not forget to buy a lift pass or a single ride on

The steep fall

If you come from the south when you visit us, we want to recommend Brattfallet. A 10m high waterfall with associated hiking trails, read more about Brattfallet at