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Charging an electric car

In Branäs you will find several accommodations with charging stations and two places with public ones, one in the village and one on the mountain.

Please note that it is forbidden to charge electric cars via the accommodation's power socket/engine heater socket as this can cause overload and electrical fire. All charging must take place at the charging posts outside the facility. If you break the ban, you will receive a warning followed by a fine of SEK 5,000 if it happens again.

Charging stations

Do you have an electric car and want to book accommodation with us? In the booking system, you can easily sort by several different criteria, including whether the accommodation has a charging station. Look for the icon with a car and electrical outlet.

You can find general charging stations in the village and on the mountain. In the village there are nineteen in the large car park, right next to Bävertorget, on the left of the road when you turn in.

If you want to load up on the mountain, there are six right outside the accommodation Soltorget, opposite the ski rental's large parking lot and nine at the back of the ski rental.

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