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Our responsibility for the environment

Sustainability is a natural part of us, our company and our business concept.

In our sustainability work, we work with our impact on our entire environment.

As early as 2001, the Branäs Group switched to fossil-free electricity from renewable sources. Since then, we have taken many steps forward, but we see it as a continuous journey and are always looking for the next exciting step.


Within the Branäs Group, we always have a sustainability perspective when we design and develop our facilities. It all started with the expansion in Branäs where we realized the importance of accommodation that is ski in - ski out. Not using the car on vacation is not only relaxing and economical but also sustainable.
We have since brought the mindset of all service functions on foot/ski distance with us to Kungsberget.
Due to our size, we can make investments that would not have been financially sustainable individually.

Today, we have the majority of our meetings via digital meeting places and avoid flying at work.


In 1988, the shovel was put in the ground for what would become Branäs. Eleven years later, the facility was taken over by us at Branäsgruppen and the journey towards becoming Sweden's best ski resort for families with children began. Taking care of families with children also means thinking about the future and the environment. That's why you ski in a facility that is heated by rock and district heating, which is piste with HVO diesel and which serves coffee and dairy products that are both fair trade and organic.