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Charging an electric car

In Branäs, you will find more than 30 charging stations scattered across the facility. To start your charge, you use the EVcore app, you will find the area code on site. As it is forbidden to charge via our accommodation's electrical sockets/engine heater sockets, all charging must take place at the charging posts.

Charging stations

The mountain

Soltorget's parking garage, 15 wall sockets - For accommodation on Soltorget

Mountain Lodge, 1st charging post- For accommodation at Mountain Lodge

Mountain Lodge, 11 wall sockets - For accommodation at Mountain Lodge

Soltorget's parking lot, 6 charging posts

The parking at the ski rental on the mountain, 2 charging posts


The village's large parking lot, 10 charging posts

Bavertorget, 10 charging posts

Ski Lodge, 3 charging posts - For accommodation at Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge parking, 8 wall sockets - For accommodation at the Ski Lodge


Mattestorp Longhouse, 3 chargers for Tesla.