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Season's news 22/23

This season we are investing heavily in the skiing experience in Branäs. A new chairlift that takes guests from Mattesdalen to the top in record time, a new slope and lift in connection with Nintendo Land and also an improved skiing experience in Mattesdalen.


Now it will be even easier to reach the top in Branäs. During the summer, we will build a new express lift, this time from Mattesdalen. This will be the third express lift in Branäs. Toppexpressen is a step in our continued investment in the existing ski area in Mattesdalen, but also an important part of the future project we call Branäs Syd.

Toppexpressen will be able to transport 2,400 people per hour and in addition to opening up completely new travel routes across Branäs, it will also be a more weather-safe alternative to the Gondola in strong winds. From the village you can easily get to Mattesdalen by slide, either via the lift Stora Knappen or Amundsliften.

Even the plateau at the top will be adjusted to optimize the flow of riders who gather there. Thanks to a new route that goes under the Gondola, you will be able to reach both Långsvängen, Storbacken and Branten in an easier way from both the Toppexpressen and the Gondola.

Facts Toppexpressen

  • Length: 1272m
  • Fall height: 353m
  • Capacity: 2,400 people per hour
  • Driving time: 4.38 min
  • Number of masts: 13
  • Night skiing: Yes

The top express which, in addition to improving the skiing experience, will offer a fantastic view of the Klarälven.

The current and the hook

In addition to the Top Expressen, Branäs expands the range in the ski area with a blue slope, Kroken, and an associated tow lift, Strömmen. The news is right next to the children's favorite Nintendo Land.

New Mattesdalen

Now Mattesdalen will be better than ever. The area gets its own park lift, which, in addition to giving the children quick access to Pepsi Funpark, also functions as a convenient transport lift to the residences in Mattestorp via Mattesbacken. The park also gets a completely new concept and is adapted so that more people dare to ride and develop.

As if that wasn't enough, we've made several changes to improve the skiing experience. The Långsvängen has been given a new fun finish through the forest and Torpbacken now takes you directly to the entrance for the Toppexpressen. In addition, we have expanded and enlarged the snow area down by the lifts' valley station to create more space and smoother lift queues.

Rope lifts between Räven and Orren

Now it will be easier to transport yourself to the conveyor belt that leads to Västersjöbacken.

New snow system

In addition to the changes for the skiing experience in Mattesdalen, we have also built a new snow system to be able to secure the opening of the slopes more quickly.

Barbecue areas

The barbecue areas at Lobacken, Björnbacken, Aspen and Räven are developing and getting even better.

New gathering place

The meeting point for the ski school at Berget now gathers at the bottom of the Björnbusen lift. More space and easier for you as a parent to leave your children.

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