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News 23/24

Selection of news:

  • Nötåsen – new ski area
  • Nintendo Land gets even better
  • Developed snowracer concept

Winter's news in Branäs

For the 23/24 season we are starting to build a new ski area, improving the children's favorite Nintendo Land, last year's success Funslope and one of our mini parks to make the experience even better with us!

A completely new ski area is starting to take shape - new slope and lift  

This year's big news! We are now starting the construction of the brand new ski area Nötåsen up on the mountain and already by the start of the season there is a brand new family slope from Nötåsen down towards the Björnliftarna and an associated lift to be ready. A transport including ski tunnel is also being built under the road to the area which links Nötåsen with the already existing ski area as well as new accommodation with ski in/ski out. 

This is just the start of what will be a major investment in the coming seasons. In the long term, four more slopes will be built on Nötåsen, two longer family-friendly slopes and two shorter slopes for the very youngest visitors, which means that the whole of Nötåsen will accommodate a total of five slopes and four lifts. Come here and see the new ski area up close! 

Nintendo Land is getting better and more fun 

The children's favorite gets even better this winter! The well-known adventure course, which winds through the forest, is being widened to be both easier and more fun, and more roads will also be built for even greater choices. Of course, we will also stock up on even more lovely figures and characters from Nintendo's wonderful world. A must to discover this winter! 

Stiga Snowracer Land – an adventure on the mountain 

You can have fun in Branäs even without skis. Together with Stiga, we are developing a brand new snow racer hill next to the Lilla Björn lift on the mountain. Bring the whole family and enjoy the thrill of the snow racer saddle and see who is the fastest.  

Fixing a driver's license in the Stiga Snowracer challenge? 

We continue in the same theme as above and can happily announce that we will also organize the Stiga Snowracer challenge five evenings a week. Here the children can challenge themselves in a fun course. Best of all? Everyone who makes it through the course gets their own driver's license specially developed for snow racers.  

Ski school Fun on snow - we continue the success from last year 

After a fantastic response to our test of the Kul på snow ski school last season, it can now be booked throughout the season. Kul på snø is an adventurous ski school where children between the ages of 5-14 can discover the whole mountain in an exciting way. Together with the ski instructor, the children develop skiing together in Nintendo Land, our parks, the speed ski course and on the airbag. Participants practice balance, control and speed in a fun and safe way in simpler jumps, off-road waves and winding turns.  

The mini park is getting a major boost - fun for all ages 

Our mini park in Västersjöbacken was a popular addition last year and this year we are making it even better. With new off-road waves, jumps and simpler boxes, it's perfect for our younger guests, but we promise - even you parents can put a smile on your face here.  

New stretch on the Funslope 

Many loved last year's big news Funslope - and this year we're honing it even further. The winding track, which starts at the top next to Nintendo Land, is being expanded and given a completely new stretch to provide an even more enjoyable experience. With velodromes around trees and other natural obstacles, mixed with off-road waves and bumps along the way, we're sure it will be a favorite for many.