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Three reasons to rent out your accommodation through us

  • Smooth - We take care of everything from marketing and invoicing to inspection and all guest contact.
  • Professionally - We have many years of experience and expert knowledge in both marketing and real estate.
  • Favorable - Take advantage of exclusive offers that only apply to you who rent through us.

Rent your accommodation safely and easily

Do you own a accommodation in Branäs and need help with renting? Choose Branäs as a mediator and you will reach one million visitors to our website every year - a safe and easy way to an extra income during weeks when your holiday home is empty.

Whether you own a cottage or apartment, you get all the help you need to achieve a successful and flexible rental. We take care of the entire process, everything from guest contact and the practicalities of renting - such as invoicing, pricing, information about the accommodation and key collection - to marketing the accommodation. You can relax and let us do the work.


Why rent out via Branäs?

Interested in renting out?

Contact us at to register your interest, we will contact you shortly.

common questions

What can I gain from renting out my accommodation?
What the exact amount ends up being depends on the type of accommodation and location, as well as what the occupancy looks like from year to year. By renting out through us, however, you have the best conditions to reach out and attract as many guests as possible to your particular accommodation. We adjust the price of your accommodation according to, among other things, location and number of beds in order to optimize your income.

How do I start renting out via you in Branäs?
Renting through us is easy. Send us an inquiry at we will contact you shortly with more information and discuss the possibilities for you and your accommodation.

What is required of me as a cottage owner?
Since we manage the entire process, a minimal effort is required from you, where most of it is about preparing the accommodation for rental so that it meets our quality criteria. Do you want to know more about what is required for us to be able to broker your accommodation? Click here.

What is included in the brokerage agreement?
When you sign an agreement with us, you can count on us handling the entire process, from start to finish. The agreement includes, among other things, marketing, key management, troubleshooting during the rental periods, as well as pricing and advice.