Winter Summer
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Winter Summer
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Cross-country trails
3 The mat ladder Closed:
4 South Pole 1 Closed:
5 South Pole 2 Closed:
6 South Pole 3 Closed:
17 Gondola ladder Closed:
18 Nutback Closed:
20 The shortcut Closed:
22 Lobacken Closed:
23 North Pole 1 Closed:
24 North Pole 2 Closed:
25 North Pole 3 Closed:
30 Nintendo Land Closed:
31 Little Lo Closed:
32 Solbacken Closed:
1 Lilla Amundsbacken Closed:
10 Säterbacken Closed:
11 The squirrel back Closed:
12 Torpbacken Closed:
13 The storm Closed:
15 The crosswind Closed:
16 Nedre Mattesgapet Closed:
26 Björnbacken Closed:
27 Nordsjöbacken Closed:
28 Ovansjöbacken Funslope Funslope Closed:
29 Västersjöbacken Closed:
33 Långsvängen Closed:
34 Mattesbacken Closed:
35 The hook Closed:
2 Stora Amundsbacken Closed:
7 Storbacken Closed:
16 Upper Mattes gap Closed:
21 Vargbacken Closed:
8 The Gerremobrant Closed:
40 The ravine Ski Route - natural snow does not piste Ski Route - natural snow does not piste Closed:
41 The sneak trail Ski Route - natural snow does not piste Ski Route - natural snow does not piste Closed:
9 Säterdalen Ski Route - natural snow does not piste Ski Route - natural snow does not piste Closed:
Selftimer in Mattesdalen Closed:
Mini park in Västersjöbacken Closed:
Speed skis Nordsjöbacken Nordsjöbacken Closed:
Pepsi Funpark Mattesdalen Closed:
Big Air Bag Closed:
Funslope Ovansjöbacken Closed:
STIGA Snowracer Land Closed:
Björnparken Closed:
Björnbusebana Lobacken Closed:
Björnbusebana lower storbacken Closed:
Carousel Gondola Square Closed:
Carousel Lobacken Closed:
Bavertorget sledding hill Closed:
Little Lo toboggan run Closed:
Fox sledding hill Closed:
K. Sjöexpressen   Chairlift Closed
A. The park lift   Anchor lift Closed
B. The headwind   Button lift Closed
C. The tailwind   Chairlift Closed
D. Solliften   Button lift Closed
E. Loliften 1   Button lift Closed
E. Loliften 2   Button lift Closed
F. Björnbusen   Button lift Closed
G. Björnbusan   Button lift Closed
H. Björnliften 1   Button lift Closed
H. Björnliften 2   Button lift Closed
I. Little Bear   Button lift Closed
J. Big Button   Button lift Closed
L. Västersjöliften   Button lift Closed
M. Istappen   Button lift Closed
N. The snowflake   Button lift Closed
O. The Penguins   Button lift Closed
P. Gondolas   Gondola lift Closed
Q. Kotten   Button lift Closed
R. Amundsliften   Button lift Closed
A. The top express   Chairlift Closed
T. Snöelvan   Button lift Closed
U. The current   Button lift Closed
V. Nut button 1   Button lift Closed
W. Nut button 2   Button lift Closed
The fox rides   Conveyor belt Closed
Björnbuseland Berg treadmill   Conveyor belt Closed
Björnbuseland By åkband   Conveyor belt Closed
Mattesdalen treadmill   Conveyor belt Closed
The fox 1   Conveyor belt Closed
The Fox 2   Conveyor belt Closed
The electric light track   1.1km  Skate & Classic Closed:
2.4 km   2.4km  Skate & Classic Closed:
2.5 km   2.5km  Skate & Classic Closed:
5 km   5km  Skate & Classic Closed:
8 km   8km  Skate & Classic Closed:
10 km   10km  Skate & Classic Closed: