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The rental in three simple steps

Renting out via Branäs is both safe and easy. Once you have decided and contacted us, the ball is already rolling and it is not far to go that your accommodation is for rent. Below we have described the course of events in three simple steps, from the time you contact us until the guest can book your accommodation.

1. First contact and pricing

Once you have submitted your registration of interest to we will contact you shortly with more information. Then we collect all the information we need for pricing. The price is determined based on the size of the accommodation, number of beds, location and condition of the accommodation. The agreement is then signed and your accommodation is published on the website.

2. Preparation and inspection

Now is the time to prepare your accommodation for the guests. We always send out a checklist that you can follow to make the accommodation ready for rent. Here you will also find some small tips you can think of to make the stay easier and better for the guest, but also for you as the owner of the home. We carry out an inspection of the accommodation no later than 14 days before the first guest's arrival to ensure that the accommodation meets our basic requirements.

An extra income in the account

At this stage, the only thing left is for guests to book your accommodation. The price is designed so that as many as possible will be attracted by your particular accommodation and ultimately lead to a higher income for you. Payments are made to your account number three times during the winter season.