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The condition of your equipment plays a big role in your experience on the slopes and many skis last longer when you service them regularly. Visit us in the ski rental in the village or up on the mountain. In addition to sharpening skis, we also offer shaping and assembly of alpine skis as well as a complete solution for cross-country skis.

Price list 24/25 - Updated closer to the season.

Alpine skiing Award
Bronze package
Edge grinder and machine wall
Silver package
Flat grinder, edge grinder and machine wall
Gold package
Full fix, repair of scratches, surface sanding with structure and edge sanding and machine sanding
Add handwash to your package
Replace your machine weeding with hand weeding 
Machine whey
Hand pick
Assembly / reassembly
Assembly and reassembly of bindings
Stamping on your silver or gold package
In case of deep scratches into the core of the ski. Through a punch, we replace the coating at the point of damage.
Cross country skis Award
Glidvalla and grip tape
We clean the coating from whey and tape residues