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If you want more time on the slopes than at the restaurant, you should stop at Mattesstugan. Here you will find quick and simple food such as toast, goulash soup and sausages. The children's favorite is of course waffles with cream and jam! Sit inside or take a seat in the outdoor seating area.

Menu - Coffee & waffles

Waffle SEK 59

Blueberry jam & cream

Waffle SEK 59

Strawberry jam & cream

Waffle SEK 65

Redcurrant jam & cream

Candy waffle SEK 65

Served with cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallow

Sausage with bread SEK 20

Coffee and sweets

Cinnamon roll SEK 22

Delicato ball SEK 22

Chocolate ball with sprinkles SEK 30

Biscuit chocolate SEK 22

Chocolate cake with smarties SEK 30

Raspberry muffins SEK 30

Gluten and dairy free

Foam rocket SEK 22

Farm chips

Lightly salted, parmesan


Soft drink 50cl SEK 30

Enbacken's must SEK 34

Apple, strawberry

Hot chocolate SEK 35

Maximum hot chocolate SEK 40

Served with cream, marshmallows and chocolate sauce

Festis SEK 15

Orange, pear, raspberry

Coffee SEK 28