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A snowy school day

Fresh air, laughter and skiing. Doesn't that sound like a successful outdoor day? Take the opportunity to book an active and fun day with the class this winter.

Booking request

  • Super flexible booking system - The students book completely themselves on the web and receive an SMS in their mobile phone with all the information.
  • Rent ski clothes - You rent all equipment, including stylish and warm ski racks from Tuxer directly on the web.

With our flexible booking system, it is easy to plan the ski trip that suits you. Leaders and students get their own login information and can book and pay for the trip directly on the web so that the school avoids time-consuming collections.


Price list

Packages, lift passes and clothes Prices
Alpine base / length 180:-
Alpine average / Snowboard / twintip 215:-
Alpine advanced 250:-
Lift pass 170:-
Rental clothing 160:-
Security package * 30:-

* Security package

Security packages protect against unnecessary expenses in the event of rented equipment being stolen or in the event of an accident. Does not cover damage to equipment in the event of clear signs of careless handling, such as: scratches arising when riding outside a marked descent or in a car park. Deductible in the event of theft, steel edge breakage or broken ski costs SEK 300.

This is how simple it is

Call the group booking on 054-13 26 05 or email a booking request here

Students book

After we have booked, you will receive an email with a confirmation and login information for the students.

With the login information, students book and pay for their travel and equipment easily and smoothly on this page.

The ski rental

Sweden's most modern ski rental! The equipment is waiting in the ski rental when you arrive and you get all the information via text message.

Booking request

If you are interested in booking the winter's most fun school trip to Branäs, please contact us via ours form so we hear from you.
Please note that no booking is made until we have returned to you for a booking. Week 7-9 we do not offer school prices.

Booking rules group

Booking and payment

To receive a group discount, you must be at least 20 people, book no later than 3 weeks before arrival and visit us during a period other than a sports holiday.

The booking closes two days before arrival, if canceled closer, the school will be charged full cost.


Teachers' lift passes, equipment and lunch are included when booking a school package.

Cancellation policy

The whole school

Cancellation must be made no later than two days before arrival. If canceled closer, the school will be charged the full cost.

Individual student

Cancellation must be made before departure, otherwise a medical certificate must be presented. In case of cancellation, the cost of the bus trip will not be refunded.

Refund of canceled trip

Cancellation of a school trip must be made before the planned arrival. To cancel your booked and paid school trip, call our travel sales department on 054-13 26 00. However, the bus cost is non-refundable.