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Beautiful meeting days in an alpine environment

In northern Värmland, we offer in Branäs an experience beyond the ordinary for associations and companies. Forget boring and uninspiring environments. In Branäs, we combine good food and activities in a calm and relaxed atmosphere that contributes to community and development.

Weld together the football team or working group in Branäs. We have meeting rooms for developing conversations, skiing with fun activities and of course, good food. Everything to contribute to a memorable experience.

Booking request

Leave a booking request and we will get back to you with a complete package.


Flexible booking gives more free time

Submit a booking request and we will return with a quote package. If you are more than 20 people, you also get a 20% discount on both lift passes and ski rental. When you are on site, you can alternate your own lectures or team-building activities with magnificent skiing in 33 varied slopes. In addition to activities in the ski environment such as self-timer, Big air bag and skicross, we also have both music quizzes and our big favorite, sled race as perfect activities when the lifts are closed.

5 tips for a perfect ski day

  • Eat a hearty breakfast, then you can take part in all activities and lay the foundation for the whole day.
  • Treat yourself to Manchester! It can be tough to get up early in the morning but there is no better feeling than being first on the mountain and taking the first untouched turns.
  • Take breaks, replenish your energy supply with a coffee and a hearty sandwich in one of our cafes. If you would rather stay outside, you can replenish your energy with free organic juice out on the slopes.
  • Dress in layers. Then you can control your temperature yourself and do not have to get too hot or cold.
  • Join in activities! Experiences build team spirit and are something you will remember long after you get home.