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  • 5 slopes
  • 4 lifts + 1 conveyor belt
  • Cross-country trails

Nötåsen – new ski area on the mountain

Branäs continues its investment in families with children and right now a brand new ski area is being built on Branäs Berg – a cozy family area which, when it is ready, creates a unique journey of discovery around the entire mountain. The first hill and the lift will be ready for season 23/24.

Sweden's "Sella Ronda"

Nötåsen will be the last piece of the puzzle to tie Branäs together and create a road around the entire mountain.

- We have jokingly called it Sweden's Sella Ronda, says Anders Kjällström, CEO of Branäsgruppen.

Sella Ronda is a well-known ski tour of 40 kilometers with slopes and lifts that takes you around the Sella massif in Italy. Even if Branä's route around the mountain becomes shorter, it could become something unique for Skis Sweden.

- There are not many Swedish ski facilities that have skiing in as many directions as we have in Branäs and we will be, as far as I know, the first facility that enables a route around the entire mountain.

Nötåsen is located up on the mountain, on the other side of the road from Soltorget, approximately where the current cross-country track is located. The area will offer perfect skiing for families with children and the slopes also lead out to the rest of Branäs ski system in two different directions, one towards Medvinden and Mattesdalen and one towards Björnliftarna and Branäs Berg. And when everything is ready, you can make your way from Branäs By, around the whole mountain and pass all the areas on the way – Mattesdalen, Nötåsen, Branäs Berg and the Lake area – to finally finish the tour where you started it.

- I think it can be a challenge for the children, to get around the entire mountain as quickly as possible.

The first slope and the lift are ready for the start of the season 23/24, which will also be the season when the first guests move into the area. Nötåsen is then gradually built over several years.

Skiing for the family

Skiing at Nötåsen is perfect for families with children. The goal is for there to be 5 green/blue slopes, three longer and two shorter for the smallest guests. The slope, with the associated lift, which is already ready for season 23/24, takes you from the center of Nötåsen, down towards the Björnliftarna on Branäs Berg.

- It will be wonderful skiing plus it will be a smooth way further into the ski system for the residents of the area.

In addition to the slope to the Björnliftarna, two more longer slopes are planned, where the goal is that one of them will be a slope that reminds a little of Nintendo Land, Branä's adventure slope that winds down through both forest and characters from the world of Nintendo. The other slope takes you, via a transport lift, to Medvinden's exit where you can continue out into the ski area.

- The goal is that the family should be able to spend a full day in the area with fun skiing, but that it should be possible to quickly and easily get on to more slopes.

Of course, Nötåsen will offer the same great opportunities for cross-country skiing that are available in the area today, but the cross-country track will partly have a new route.

Cozy center with restaurants and service

In the heart of Nötåsen you will find a cozy centre. Here you can stop for a coffee, lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants, stock up the pantry at the grocery store, or take a break in the warming cabin.

- It will be like a smaller version of Soltorget. We have several exciting plans in the works which we hope to present shortly.

Exactly what type of restaurants and how many there will be is not clear yet, but one goal is for there to be a take away station.

- We want it to be easy to come in on skis or by car and pick up your food, but of course there will also be restaurants with seating where you can have lunch or dinner with loved ones.

Next to the center of Nötåsen, there will be two shorter slopes with an associated ropeway. Here, children can practice their balance and take their first turns before venturing into more challenging slopes.

- With the short children's slopes and the slightly longer slopes in the area, a good increase in level is created. The children can develop their skiing without having to throw themselves into more difficult slopes too quickly and the parents can easily keep track, as everything is at a close distance.

Accommodation with ski in/ski out

Regardless of whether the family is large or small, there is accommodation for you at Nötåsen. Here you can choose between cozy cottages and modern apartments in various sizes. The accommodations in the area, just like all accommodations in Branäs, have ski in/ski out mode or walking distance to lifts and slopes. Nötåsen's first accommodations are finished and ready to receive guests in season 23/24.

Facts about Nötåsen (according to the current plan)

  • 5 slopes
  • 4 lifts + 1 conveyor belt
  • Cross-country trails
  • Cottages and apartments with ski in/ski out
  • Restaurants
  • Shop and live
  • Heating cabin